The roads are made of concrete (RCC) with highest quality interlocking tiles for footpath. Approximately 6-inch-thick RCC roads with high quality interlocking tiles ensure long life of roads with low maintenance.

A complete network of underground sewer line has been laid out with a fully functional STP to ensure efficient waste management in the entire township.

Entire site and roads are installed with LED Lights for proper illumination at night. Street lights are strategically placed to keep the corners and entrance perfectly lit for safety and quality living.

Single point of entry and exit to ensure maximum security for all houses in the township. There will be 24*7 security guards with CCTV surveillance.

Complete electrification infrastructure with transformers, electrical poles and electrical line laid out. Designer lights at the entrance for enhanced living experience. High quality street lighting to ensure visibility throughout the township at all times.

There are a total of 7 parks in the township which provide green cover for most of the houses. The parks also have ample seating space with recreational options for kids to enjoy. Tree plantation along the sides of roads to provide ample green cover.